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The Inception Meeting, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and coordinated by Blacksmith Institute, was held at the Bellagio Study and Conference Center from October 10-14, 2007. Conference participants discussed the global scope of health impacts due to industrial, mining, and military pollution, with presentations given by country and international agency representatives. Discussions continued with a survey of the potential pollution interventions and the cost-effectiveness of clean-ups by international remediation and health experts. Finally, successful strategies and protocols acquired by the international community in tackling pollution problems in the developing world were shared.

The conference provided a platform for discussing the realities of current funding structures and priorities - making clear that a severe gap in funding exists. Presentations followed on the role of the private and public sector and the responsibilities of the international community in funding pollution clean-up in developing countries.

The participants came to a consensus on the need to act and completed the meeting by developing the
Bellagio Principles. A final prospectus is currently in development.